Monday, September 23, 2019

Clients Now Considered Official

I honestly remember writing this same post a year ago, so I went back and sure enough, September 19, 2018, just 4 days over.  It feels like I wrote it 3 weeks ago!  As fast as this whole process goes, and it's cyclical nature, for my third complete cycle I am proud to announce that 92 of the 101 students that participated in the A+ Program have gone official at their respective schools.  Once again, due to Privacy and FERPA laws, I cannot and will not reveal names, but have been given permission to publish numbers and institutions.

The 92 official students (versus 57 last Fall) is close to a 100% increase just from last year alone!  Once again, Clemson University leads the way, most certainly due to the quality of education and particular region I operate out of.

  1. Clemson University: 26 Students
  2. University of South Carolina- Columbia: 14 Students
  3. Greenville Technical College: 9 Students
  4. Tri-County Technical College: 7 Students
  5. University of South Carolina- Upstate: 4 Students
  6. Western Carolina University: 2 Students
  7. Spartanburg Technical College: 2 Students
  8. University of North Carolina- Asheville: 2 Students
  9. Converse College: 2 Students
  10. Wofford College: 2 Students
  11. Furman University: 2 Students  (And the following had one student each:)
  12. Georgia Institute of Technology
  13. Brown University
  14. Providence College
  15. University of Georgia- Athens
  16. Villanova University
  17. Rutgers University
  18. New Jersey Institute of Technology
  19. University of Florida
  20. Stanford University
  21. Quinnipiac University
  22. Presbyterian College
  23. University of Maryland- Baltimore County
  24. American University
  25. Louisiana State University
  26. University of Colorado- Boulder
  27. Akron University
  28. University of North Carolina- Wilmington
  29. Winthrop University
  30. Georgia State University
  31. Auburn University
One of the greatest parts of my job is interacting with the folks at these respective Institutions.  They all run fairly similarly for the most part, but each individual advisor, director or administrator really puts quite a unique spin on the process.  It's really quite interesting to hear so many different perspectives from peers nationwide.

So there it is! Class of 2023!! Hoping you all the best going forward and as I mentioned, the cycle turns quickly, and I will be announcing "Financial Aid 101 Boot Camp" sessions within the next 2 weeks.  Stay tuned! 

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