Monday, April 8, 2019

DollarCamp® Sessions

I honestly cannot believe it, but we're nearing the end of the traditional Spring Semester.  Many of  you are already well past your Spring Break and headed towards Finals!  I always recall the Spring Semester flying by.  Going to school in Rhode Island, the semester would always start in the deep freeze of January and end in glorious mid-May.  I swear, 2 beautiful weeks to start the year, and 2 to end it.  Such was life at a New England College!

Anyhow, as I continue to wrap up many of my clients,I will not be holding any more "Financial Aid 101"sessions this season (or the 2018-19 Academic Year.) At this point hopefully through me, your own research, your chosen Institution, or Guidance Counselor you have a set plan in place with a solid understanding of your award package.  If not, remember I'm only a call or email away.

I will now, and through late July, be holding DollarCamp sessions.  I absolutely love these.  I generally will hold them for graduating High School Seniors as well as incoming Freshman at Summer Orientations.

I have a set schedule, and these sessions are strictly for students attending the particular school I am visiting/working with.  However, if I can gather 10-15 students at a time, I will open these sessions in a more public style, with times and dates to follow suit and accommodate.

These are generally held over 3 2-hour sessions, but can be tweaked.  They are 100% hands-on and great laughs.  Its an amazing opportunity to meet new friends or solidify current relationships, all the while gaining a boatload of insight on how to become savvy personal finance pros!

Originally designed for Cosmetic and Beauty Institutions, I have been able to slightly tweak the content to be more applicable to a general audience.  It discusses Personal Budgeting, Building Credit, Avoiding Credit Pitfalls, Understanding Credit and Debit, Setting Goals and Planning for Your Future, and obtaining Gainful Employment.  All through the use of videos, illustrations, and a turn-key lesson plan.

For students attending these Sessions, you will be notified via your Guidance Counselor or Student Service Advisor.  I will keep everyone up-to-date on any "Open Sessions" being held.

See you there!!!

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