Monday, December 17, 2018

Old Website From A+ Financial Aid Boot Camp (

Well friends, it is with a TREMENDOUS amount of regret to inform that I have lost all my posts and data dating back to December of 2016.  I have been working for four months to try and retrieve the data but alas, it is all for naught.

As many of you know, when I switched to the current title A+ Financial Aid Counseling and Literacy from A+ Financial Aid Boot Camp as well as the URL, www.aplusfinaid.ORG, I switched platforms to Google Domains/Blogger from Wordpress.  However, in said switch, the posts were not properly backed up, and when I left too did over 100 posts!

So, with this being said, if you have still bookmarked, please update to

I promise to keep bringing you updates, announcements and the latest news and trends in Higher Education Financial Aid.

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