Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Financial Aid 101: "Boot Camp" Sessions

It would be amiss for me to sit here and write that the beginning of the 2020-2021 may be the strangest in a century.  Over the last 7 or so months, students, families, faculty and administration have absolutely scrambled from Kindergarten to Doctoral Programs, from Maine to Arizona, in the wake of COVID-19.  And all of you are to be commended.  There really is no precedent for this, and I believe when most schools closed Mid-March, it was the right thing to do with the information deans, principals and municipalities had at the time.

I know many of you are back today in person, many of you are virtual, many hybrid, and sadly a handful already sent home.

For my High School audience, I will soon be contacting my companion schools and districts as each has their own policies currently regarding gatherings and outside visitors.  In my opinion, nothing tops actual in-person counseling.  However, given the circumstances, I may look to set up a Virtual-style "Boot Camp" counseling session.  I cant believe it but the 2021-2022 FAFSA is set to go live in three weeks!  (More on that to come...)  Needless to say there is more confusion than ever and many Financial Aid staff have been furloughed across the country; so I am aiming for an outlet to make my services available.

I have recently spoken to a Superintendent of a District near my residence in Anderson County, SC with whom I am friendly, and he informed me that the only constant right now is change, and I completely acknowledge that.

Hopefully within the next 30 days I will begin to piece together a Virtual Counseling Session, and even more hopefully as the academic year progresses, revert back to my in-person module.

Again, welcome back and stay safe!

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