Sunday, July 19, 2020

2020 George M. and Margaret E. Bullinger Memorial Scholarship Award Winner Announced

It is with tremendous humility and honor that I have selected a recipient for this year's George M. and Margaret E. Bullinger Memorial Scholarship to Ms. Tamika Henry of D.W. Daniel High School (Central, SC.).

Tamika was Highest Honors in her 2020 Graduating Class and will be attending Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. this Fall. Ms. Henry was a standout student in academic achievement, extracurricular and community awareness and participation. She also was a participant in Varsity Cross Country and Track and Field.

Tamika was one of  my early clients this year before COVID-19 began to upend things. She presented me with an essay on the debate of distance learning versus on-campus during the pandemic which was incredibly poignant.

Congratulations, Tamika!  We wish you all the best at Winthrop and it was my pleasure working with you and your Family! Things may be a bit upside-down at first, but I promise you, and others like you, will lead the way through it!

The George M. and Margaret E. Bullinger Memorial Scholarship was presented to my group 3 years ago as a single $1000 annual award which students can apply to the cost of education-related expenses as they deem fit.

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