Friday, March 13, 2020

A Brief Note on COVID-19 and My Current Business Model

Hello!!! I hope everyone is well!  I know right now with the sudden onset of the COVID-19 virus, many of you have had your lives turned upside down.  Whether it be a move to all online courses or an extended Spring Break; sadly there are very few of us who haven't been affected in one capacity or another.  I could write a 3 page post about this virus; its impact globally, economically, health-wise, societal, and so forth, but I trust you are currently being hammered in all directions at this point from Social Media to family members to the Cable News Networks.

Please stay calm, educate yourself, visit only trusted sources of information (CDC, WHO, NIH, etc) and limit your intake.  I think you all already have this covered.  We're all in this together, so stay strong and resilient! This too shall pass!

The original intent of this post was that I am guessing you may have noticed I have not been posting as frequently as normal or notices holding my information sessions.

After 3 great years, I decided (when the opportunity was presented) to shift the way A+ was going to be structured, an experiment of sorts.  In November I was asked to come on board with a group of Career Colleges in the Southeast to present my Financial Literacy Program to their first term incoming students.  These schools started a new enrolled class every 5 weeks, so it seemed as soon as I completed one course, the next group rolled in.

This was a wonderful opportunity.  I was providing the Financial Literacy which I have been for over 3 years now, but in an entirely structured, regimented setting.  This had turned into a true Full-Time endeavor.  I had the pleasure of working with 4 incredibly dynamic incoming classes.  I have since left this organization as they wanted to transition my role, but it was a success.  I feel like I grew so much in those 3 months.  I know know I can "manipulate" or "contort" my Program based as the need or opportunity may present itself.

However, I have decided to pick back up where I left off in November.  Now with the current climate of the COVID-19, the majority of large gatherings in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee have been halted.  So clearly, my normal presentation modules will not be held, but as time goes on and things turn around, I will fire up my Dollar Camp sessions, which may in fact be the best part of my job.

Be strong, be smart.


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