Monday, August 19, 2019

Back To School (Already!)

When I say I absolutely CANNOT believe that another Academic Year has started today for the majority of my clients, that is a gross understatement!  I literally remember typing this same exact post two years ago, and again last August.  Y'all are making me feel pretty darn old!  With this being said, I am hopeful every has settled in well, and for those who start in the upcoming weeks, that you are content and well prepared.  

In our meetings, whether over the phone, in person or with Mom or Dad, I gave you a lot of information to consider and hopefully you were able to process it all.  Just a reminder, I AM ALWAYS JUST A CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL AWAY!  Please do not feel hesitant to reach out.  Just because we wrapped up your packaging, I made a promise that I would see you through to graduation.

I can't stress enough the importance of building a trusting relationship with your school's Financial Aid Office.  It is important that you contact them with any questions you may have.  As much as I appreciate the love, these folks are trained professionals whose job it is to assist you.  They can get overwhelmed.  Trust me.  Been there. But their best intentions are at heart, and if need be, try to schedule a sit-down with an advisor.  Often you'll find it to be considerably more personal than the long lines you may have waited in registration.

So congrats!!! Im proud of you all.  Once everyone goes official, I will publish my roll call!

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