Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Professional Judgements: Do You Qualify? Short Presentation Thursday March 21, 2019 6pm

Hello all!  Have getting quite a few inquires as how to possibly challenge an award or apply for a Professional Judgement which in some instances may help increase your overall award.

With the FAFSA year utilizing taxes 2 years prior, many families' financial situations have changed dramatically.  Professional Judgement requests are at an all time high at Colleges and Universities from Maine to California.

I have a PowerPoint Presentation which goes into pretty good depth as to who and what is/or may be required to get the ball rolling with your particular school's Financial Aid Office.  This presentation should be fairly brief, I wouldn't anticipate more than an hour or so, as I will answer questions, but then set appointments if need be.

It will be held at The Powdersville Public Library Conference Room C, located at 4 Civic Court, Powdersville, SC 29642.  Please RSVP and apologies for the short notice.  I have already informed some of you but I have space for about 45-50 people, so if bringing parents, please keep in mind seating is limited.  Again my number is 864-593-0010 or

I have presented this Professional Judgement Presentation to multiple South Carolina State Technical Colleges, so I promise it will be worth your time!

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