Wednesday, September 19, 2018

And the numbers are in...

Well, we're half-way through September ALREADY! And I am pleased to announce that of the 63 students I assisted who started this Fall, 57 are official enrollments and pressing on!  So where did everyone go? Well, for obvious reasons, I would never disclose any personal information, but I am able to share the breakdown!

  1. Clemson University: 14 Students
  2. University of South Carolina- Columbia: 9 Students
  3. Greenville Technical College: 9 Students
  4. Tri-County Technical College: 6 Students
  5. Furman University: 3 Students
  6. Winthrop University: 2 Students
  7. University of Georgia- Athens: 2 Students
  8. Tied at 1 Student each:
    • University of South Carolina- Upstate
    • Converse College
    • University of Connecticut
    • University of West Virginia
    • University of Alabama- Birmingham
    • North Greenville University
    • Presbyterian College
    • Florida State University
    • Anderson University
    • William & Mary University
    • University of South Florida
    • University of North Carolina- Greensboro
Congrats to everyone!!! You make ME look good! :)

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