Wednesday, July 13, 2022

It's Mid-Summer...and that means DOLLAR CAMP!!!

When I sit down and write a post or article it really amazes me just how fast the time goes, especially when one is looking at an Academic Calendar.  I've been doing A+ for almost 6 years now and when I look back at past events or counseling sessions it's actually pretty crazy how they all seems to run into one large memory, if that makes any sense.

I'm thinking back to my first Dollar Camp Sessions in 2017 and I swear that feels like it was only LAST summer!

I digress.  I too often let nostalgia take over!

So anyhow, now that we are past my intro, my favorite part of A+, Dollar Camp is scheduled for the first week of August.

If you are not familiar, DollarCamp is a fun, immersive and most importantly, educational program designed originally for Cosmetology Schools/ Programs but now tweaked to cater to students of all studies and programs.

It is a program that discusses not only Educational Debt, but the pitfalls of credit cards, high interest rates and predatory lenders.  There is a tremendous amount of interaction so be prepared to draw, color, roleplay and speak in front of the group!! This is certainly not for the shy ones! 

Normally I encourage students to bring a friend or relative, but due to the restricted seating capacity I am asking students attend on their own, and will be paired off or split into groups upon arrival.  Its a great opportunity to meet new folks!  And as always, A+ ALWAYS provides the best snacks. (Maybe even a door prize?!)

And I'll be quite honest in saying that it is a more comfortable setting as Covid is not hanging over us in the same capacity as last years sessions.  

There are 12 available spots each night, Wednesday August 3 and Thursday August 4 from 7-9pm.  Heads up, Thursdays generally fill up quicker!  Call or email me to RSVP.

The sessions will be held at the gorgeous Captain Kimberly Hampton Memorial Library at 304 Biltmore Rd, Easley, SC 29640. Situated right off of Highway 123 there's easy access from both Clemson and Greenville.  I absolutely love having the opportunity to utilize this venue.  

See you there!

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