Sunday, October 31, 2021

Bullinger Memorial Scholarship Award Recipient and a New Corporate Partnership

Hello all!  I certainly hope you are well.  As you may have noticed I have not posted in a few weeks.  If you are familiar with my organization, you'll know that over 90% of my client base comes directly from in-person school gatherings, coordinated youth group presentations, and so on.

With the continued mandates governing municipalities, A+ has been unable to maintain the high level of support it has in past years.  I have not been presenting in front of large groups for some time.  I do continue to oversee my current enrolled student base as well as the occasional one-off appointment.  For the (hopefully) foreseeable future, I have scaled back the scope of A+ and am currently only operating with Anderson (SC) School District 1.

I hope to expand as mandates are loosened and hoping for a controlled spread of Covid this Winter as compared to last.

I am still here and still in operation. I continue to monitor the ins and outs of Federal Aid and its Administration through NASFAA (National Association of Financial Aid Administrators) as well as other publications and reliable news sources.

I also enjoy keeping in touch with peers as I am able to get a feel for what things are like at the "front lines."

I certainly realize I am not the only person or my organization is not the only one feeling the continued brunt of Covid, but I would be lying if I said I didn't long for the days when I was operating at (above) capacity!  I don't see myself throwing in the towel.  Life goes on, and students are still facing the challenges of Financial Literacy which is forever my crusade!

In better was perhaps two months ago, but I was happy to present the George M. and Margaret E. Bullinger Memorial Annual Scholarship to Jake Chen, a graduated Senior from Wade Hampton High School (SC).  The Scholarship, given every Summer, is awarded to a client who best presents an outlook on The Future of Financial Aid.  Jake offered a wonderful PowerPoint presentation on how flipping A+ Financial Counseling into a Podcast to reach a further audience.  His presentation was SO thorough, it has me completely second guessing my own structure and I'm afraid of him taking over!!! :)  It is a $1000 grant which can be used for School-related expenses as necessary. 

Jake is studying Acoustical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, so I made sure I gave him the scoop as to where to (and where NOT) to go, as Atlanta is where A+FC&L was born.

Congrats and Good Luck Jake!

Secondly, I have recently been contacted by Mr. Enmanuel Batista, an Outreach Coordinator with Education Loan Finance, an outstanding organization designed to assist potential and current college students apply for Scholarships.  I am happy to partner with them and will set up a link on the right side bar that you can access any time.  I truly believe you can never have too many partners to help navigate these waters, as we all share a common goal.

Well that is all for now.  Please take care, and Happy Halloween!

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